Sending money internationally is a strategic choice for businesses, impacting everything from cash flow to operational efficiency and business relationships. High transfer fees can eat into profits, while slow transactions disrupt supply chains or delay essential payments, affecting business growth. International wire transfers are a vital element in global financial transactions. 

According to the World Bank’s recent data, the average cost of sending money internationally from the U.S. is about 5.52% of the amount being transferred. For those regularly sending money, such as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) and freelancers, these percentages can add up, mainly when dealing large sums.

Banks, the traditional hubs for international money transfers, might sometimes offer better value. A typical wire transfer from a U.S. bank can account for nearly 11% of the transferred amount, with an average fee of $49. This can pose a significant financial strain, particularly on SMBs and individual entrepreneurs.

Today, alternatives like Bancoli offer more efficient and affordable solutions for international money transfers. Bancoli’s platform is designed to secure your funds while keeping transfer fees low, a crucial benefit for businesses and individuals.

What is an international wire transfer?

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An international wire transfer allows funds to be electronically moved from one bank account to another across borders, usually within 1-2 business days. This speed is crucial for businesses that depend on swift and reliable cash flow management.

Top reasons for international wire transfers across business types

International wire transfers have become integral to diverse business operations, from freelancers and solopreneurs to SMBs and large corporations.

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Here’s why they are crucial:

  • Global expansion: For freelancers, SMBs, and large businesses, cross-border transfers are essential for tapping into new markets and handling overseas transactions. They facilitate cross-border payments, a vital component for global expansion and forming international partnerships.
  • Efficient cash flow management: All sizes of global businesses rely on international money transfer services to maintain steady cash flow. They ensure financial stability in their ventures by using money transfer apps and financial services that offer competitive fees and exchange rates.
  • Cost savings: Utilizing international wire transfers online can offer significant cost savings. Businesses can enjoy lower upfront fees and better exchange rate markups, avoiding traditional bank transfers’ higher wire transfer fees, which is crucial for operational cost minimization.
  • Streamlined transactions: Large businesses benefit from the efficiency of international wire transfer services, ensuring timely payments to global partners and maintaining robust supply chain relationships. This efficiency is crucial for avoiding delays that can disrupt business operations.
  • Security and reliability: All business types, from those using a savings account for peer-to-peer transfers to large entities managing multiple bank accounts, find security and reliability in international transfers. This secure transaction method protects against fraud and financial discrepancies, especially when using services with competitive fees and transparent exchange rates.

Things to consider before transferring money

Transfer costs and speed are important considerations when choosing the best transfer method, and the two are often linked. Getting money where it needs to be quickly can also be the most expensive method.

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When planning to send money overseas, it’s essential to consider various factors. The exchange rate, for instance, plays a significant role. A favorable exchange rate can significantly impact the final amount received. Moreover, you must be aware of any fees associated with the money transfer service you choose.

Money transfer services have evolved, offering more options than traditional bank transfers. These services provide a range of benefits, including competitive rates and fees, and the ability to transfer money swiftly and securely to various international locations.

Several factors are essential to consider when you’re planning on sending money internationally:

  • Transfer costs and speed: The urgency of the transfer often dictates the method. Rapid transfers are vital for urgent business needs but can incur higher fees. It’s essential to balance the need for speed against the potential costs.
  • Exchange rates: Understanding and comparing exchange rates is critical to ensuring you don’t lose money on the transaction. Even a tiny difference in the exchange rate can significantly impact the amount the recipient receives.
  • Recipient’s bank account details: For a successful international transfer, accurate information like the recipient’s full name, bank account number, and routing number are crucial. Any errors can lead to misdirected funds, causing substantial delays and additional fees.
  • Money transfer service options: Beyond traditional bank transfers, numerous money transfer services offer benefits like Bancoli, offering ease and flexibility for transferring funds globally.
  • Transfer fees: Understanding the upfront fees and wire transfer fees is crucial. Some international transfer services may offer lower or no upfront fees but compensate with a higher exchange rate markup.
  • Security measures: Opting for a service with robust security features, like encryption and fraud protection, is crucial for safe international transfers. This is especially important for businesses making frequent or large transfers.
  • Destination bank and local bank systems: Knowing the destination bank’s processing fee and interaction with local banking systems can help anticipate additional fees or delays.

Essential details to make an international wire transfer

Collecting specific details is crucial for a smooth process when preparing for an international wire transfer. Here’s a comprehensive list and the reasons they’re necessary:

  1. Recipient’s full name: Essential for correctly identifying the funds’ beneficiary. Discrepancies can lead to transfer delays or rejections. It’s a common requirement across bank accounts globally.
  2. Recipient’s address: Needed for verification and compliance with international banking regulations, helping prevent fraud and money laundering.
  3. Recipient’s professional or business email address: Useful for sending status notifications and serving as an additional contact.
  4. Account and routing numbers: Key to ensuring the money reaches the proper bank account.
  • Account number: The unique identifier for the recipient’s bank account. Incorrect numbers can misdirect funds.
  • Routing number (or SWIFT/BIC Code): For international transfers, SWIFT and IBAN  codes identify the recipient’s foreign bank, which is crucial for directing funds correctly, especially in other financial institutions.

5. Bank name and address: This helps the sending bank identify the receiving bank accurately, which is essential for international money transfers involving multiple bank accounts in different regions.

Basic checklist for international money transfers

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Preparing for an international wire transfer online involves understanding these essential details. Before initiating the transfer, verify these details to avoid transaction delays, additional charges, or returned funds.

  • Transfer fees: Choose a method with low upfront fees to save costs.
  • Exchange rate markup: Be aware of exchange rate markups, which can affect the amount received.
  • Transfer limits: Know any transfer limits that might apply to your transaction.

7 essential tips for sending an international wire transfer

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Engaging in business with international clients often necessitates sending and receiving money globally.

Traditional methods like cash, checks, bank drafts, or money orders can be cumbersome and risky for transferring money internationally. Modern approaches, such as international money transfer services, offer more efficiency and security.

Here are some tips for you to make this process more efficient: 

Tip #1: Compare exchange rates and fees

Comparing fees and rates is crucial to ensure you’re not losing money when sending money internationally. Financial institutions offer varying rates; even a slight difference can add up, especially with large sums.

For instance, if you’re sending $10,000, an exchange rate that’s even 1% better can save you $100. Bancoli offers competitive exchange rates, ensuring clients get the most value for their international transfers. Benefit from Bancoli’s competitive global FX rates and minimal fees on every transaction. 

A pricing structure display showing various fees for financial transactions with Bancoli accounts: $0 for incoming transfers to your Bancoli account, $4 for transfers between Bancoli accounts, $4 for outgoing transfers to local external accounts, $14 for outgoing international wire transfers (SWIFT), and a note indicating exchange rates up to 10 times lower than bank rates.

Tip #2: Use an international money transfer service

Specialized money transfer services often provide better rates and lower fees than traditional bank accounts. Using these services to transfer money can be significantly cheaper, especially for frequent international transactions.

As a financial service provider, Bancoli streamlines international money transfers, offering cost-effective and efficient solutions. Bancoli is the only provider to bridge payments in minutes between businesses across 200+ countries. Bank globally with your account details in USD, MXN, EUR, GBP, HKD, and SGD.

Tip #3: Know the fees

Understanding the fees involved in international transfers, including any upfront or minimum costs.

Some services might have hidden charges that inflate the cost of sending money. Knowing all fees upfront helps in choosing the most cost-effective option. For example, a service with no transfer fee but a worse exchange rate could be more expensive.

Bancoli maintains transparency with all fees, helping clients make informed decisions without worrying about hidden costs.

Tip #4: Choose the correct payment method

The method of payment can significantly affect the cost and convenience. While wire transfers are suitable for large sums, they might be expensive for smaller amounts when you send money.

With Bancoli, you can send and receive payments across multiple regions and currencies quickly and securely.

Tip #5: Consider the time frame

The urgency of the transfer often dictates the chosen method when transferring money. Wire transfers are typically faster but may cost more, while other forms, such as electronic transfers, might be slower but have lower fees.

Bancoli provides SWIFT payments that are completed faster than in other options. This is essential for business operations and time-sensitive payments. 

Tip #6: Protect yourself from fraud

Cross-border transfers can be susceptible to fraud. Using reputable companies and being cautious with personal information is vital. For example, never send money to unknown recipients or share sensitive data without verification.

Bancoli prioritizes security, employing stringent measures to protect clients’ transactions and personal information from fraud. 

Our platform ensures utmost security through military-grade encryption and multi-factor account security in every transaction. Bancoli’s USD Custody solution offers an unmatched level of fund security, backed by a 1:1 funds backing system, ensuring reliability and coverage unmatched by traditional banks.

Tip #7: Get help if you need it

Feel free to contact a customer service agent if you need clarification on any aspect of the international wire transfer process.

Seeking assistance when unsure can prevent costly mistakes. Getting the correct information is vital when consulting with a bank or the transfer service. For example, customer support can clarify fees and rates.

Bancoli offers comprehensive customer support, ensuring clients can access all necessary information and assistance for international money transfers.

Beyond security and efficiency, we provide additional benefits like yield generation on USD invoices and streamlined global B2B payments.

Following the tips above, you can maximize the yield when sending money internationally.

Are international wires secure? Is it safe to use them?

International wire transfers are renowned for their security and efficiency, particularly when leveraging the SWIFT network. This global system interconnects banks and financial institutions, facilitating secure and swift international money movements.

Understanding the safety of international money transfers

  1. Multi-Layered security: Both SWIFT and IBAN codes employ robust security protocols, including encryption and identity verification, to safeguard your funds during transfer.
  2. Verification of funds: Banks ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the transfer, adding a layer of financial security and preventing overdrafts.
  3. Speed and reliability: Transfer times vary depending on the processing speed of the involved banks. Typically, it takes a few hours to a few days.

Potential risks and how to avoid them

While international transfers are secure, they are not immune to potential risks. To mitigate these:

  1. Verify recipient information: Ensure you have the correct recipient details. More than errors in beneficiary information can lead to misdirected funds.
  2. Beware of scams: Be cautious of fraud. Avoid sending money to unverified individuals or entities.
  3. Understand the terms: Familiarize yourself with your bank’s policies on international transfers, including fees and transfer limits.

Bancoli’s enhanced security features

In the realm of secure international transfers, Bancoli stands out with its advanced security measures:

  • Advanced encryption: Bancoli employs military-grade encryption to protect your financial data and transactions from unauthorized access. This ensures the security of every bank account linked to the platform.
  • Multi-factor authentication: Adds an extra layer of security to your business bank account, which is crucial when initiating or approving international money transfers.
  • Bancoli USD Custody: The unique USD Custody feature of Bancoli offers unmatched fund security, backed by a 1:1 funds backing system, holding up to a maximum of $125 million per account holder and providing clients with additional peace of mind, especially when sending money overseas.
  • Fraud prevention protocols: Bancoli is equipped to combat fraud. Its systems are meticulously designed to detect and prevent suspicious activities, safeguarding your money transfers from fraudulent transactions.
  • Transparent tracking: Offering transparent tracking of transactions, Bancoli allows clients to monitor the progress of their wire transfers in real-time. This is particularly beneficial when managing multiple bank accounts and conducting money transfers in various foreign currencies.

Bancoli, as a financial hub, stands out in the realm of secure international transfers with its advanced security measures and comprehensive financial solutions.

Its Global Business Account includes six currency accounts in one space (USD, MXN, EUR, GBP, HKD, and SGD), each with owned banking details, facilitating transactions in over 200 countries and over 10 currencies.

This makes it a versatile platform for businesses dealing with foreign currency and looking for ways to send money efficiently.

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Versatile and cost-effective money transfer solutions

Bancoli’s Global Business Account transforms the process of sending money internationally, providing users with low transfer fees and competitive exchange rate markups.

Clients can benefit from streamlined bank transfers, online transfers, and the ability to send money internationally. The platform provides local bank details for each currency account, ensuring seamless and efficient international transfers.

Moreover, clients can receive money from and send cash to different financial institutions globally, with clear insights related to international transfer fees.

Bancoli merges enhanced security features with a multi-currency Global Business Account, making it an ideal financial institution for businesses needing a reliable platform to manage their international money transfer needs.

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In conclusion

Sending money internationally has evolved significantly, offering various options beyond traditional banking. The landscape now includes efficient, cost-effective solutions like Bancoli that prioritize security, speed, and affordability. Understanding the nuances of international wire transfers becomes imperative as businesses and individuals navigate global transactions.

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