Secured Global Transactions

From exceptional deposit protection to multiple types of Letter of Credit options, Bancoli provides the backbone for large international transactions to succeed.

Available in 200 countries and with payouts in 25+ currencies.

Your security is the priority

USD stored in Bancoli is backed up to USD 125M per account holder. That is a safety level 500x higher than normal U.S. bank accounts and more than 1000x higher than European bank accounts.

Additionally, Bancoli has many other enterprise-grade safety features that businesses of all sizes can benefit from.

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Bring funds home faster in 25+ currencies

Get the lowest possible FX rates online on all of your currency conversions and speed up your receivables. Bancoli AI automatically reminds buyers about outstanding invoices and rewards them for paying on time.

Secured transactions in multiple forms

Utilize Letters of Credit, Standby Letters of Credit, or Bancoli's Guaranteed Invoices to secure your transactions globally.

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Hand holding money with different currency, representing Bancoli's diverse financial solutions for global cash flow management
Bancoli global business account

Global Business Account

Open bank accounts in 5 currencies and make payments or withdrawals in 25+ currencies.



Send invoices to the same system where your clients manage their bank accounts and eliminate processing fees.

cash flow

Business Cash Flow

Bancoli's platform encourages timely settlements and early access to your invoices.



USD stored in Bancoli Vault is automatically backed up to $125 million per account.


KYV Verifications

Utilize KYV verifications with U.S. bank-grade checks to verify potential partners. Reduce risk in your commercial deals.

supply chain financing

Supply Chain Financing

Strengthen your supply chain by approving payments as quickly as possible. Earn more than the usual returns on your cash balances.


Global Banking

Make seamless global payments in 25+ currencies. Get bank account details in 5 currencies with your Global Business Account.


Direct E-Invoicing

Invoice directly to your client's bank account to encourage timely payments and reduce friction and manual errors.


Yield Generation

Generate attractive returns by simply paying invoices. Earn a higher yield than the usual returns on your cash balances.

Transact globally, collect locally

Get unbeatable FX rates and send or receive payments with Bancoli's trusted and verified business network.

Get up to $125M backing per account

USD in Bancoli is backed up to $125 million per account holder, protecting your capital and peace of mind.

Work with 200+ countries

Make and receive payments in multiple currencies and increase liquidity with Bancoli.

Portrait of a professional woman confidently smiling, with symbols of Euro and Dollar currencies floating around, representing Bancoli's dedication to facilitating efficient international payments.

Our passion is safe and efficient global payments

Bancoli has been born out of our own needs, as we were paying our global suppliers over the years. We've found that enabling direct and timely payments improved not only both parties' financial results but also the overall relationship, giving us significant advantages in the market.

Today, Bancoli automatically streamlines and accelerates payments between businesses, with the opportunity to generate meaningful benefits for both parties in every transaction.

Focus on growth instead of collections

Bancoli graphic blue pattern, signifying the fluidity and seamless nature of Bancoli's liquidity management services.
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    of businesses reported a cash flow issue during the past 24 months.

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    Over 37%

    of U.S. businesses report that their need for liquidity has increased.

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    of SMBs cannot access business funding due to poor cash flow and earnings.

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    Only 38%

    of businesses with revenue less than $5 million are approved for bank loans.

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    of SMBs would have to close if their cash flow got disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.

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