Our tribe is a passionate group of people that deeply cares about others, the work we do, and the world around us. While we tend to move fast, we take the time to reflect and appreciate the opportunity we have, to do work that changes lives all around us and moves the needle in the positive direction.


Bancoli's vision is an evenly distributed, global, digital-first financial system where transfers are frictionless, and funds are always secured with the highest forms of protection.


Bancoli's mission is to increase fund safety and reduce fees on transactions globally.

Our values

Hourglass with two checkmarks: Symbolizing a sense of urgency and prompt completion.

Sense of Urgency

Handshake next to a document: Representing customer-centricity and prioritizing client satisfaction.

Customer Obsession

Thumbs up in front of a star: Highlighting craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality.

Pride in Craftsmanship

"The unusually high level of energy, inspiration, and ingenuity is creating the magic. Being surrounded by such a fun and intelligent group of hard-working individuals is a constant reminder to appreciate this rare opportunity."

Romeo Ju - Chairman

"My experience at Arative has been one of the most enriching of my life; from the care for details that all the members of the tribe have, to the ideas that have impact and value for the financial world. Every day I feel motivated to seek excellence, knowing that each individual effort is part of a shared mindset, which is very rich thanks to the diversity of our team."

Liz Merino

Senior UX Designer

"One of the remarkable things about working at Arative is how this experience supports my continuous improvement and commitment, helping me to be a better professional in every way. I am responsible for my contributions and I can see them reflected in value. Working with such intelligent and generous people is very motivating for me and every day I know that together we will conquer a new challenge."

Federico Morales Otero

Software Engineer

"We are focused on adding exceptional talent, professionals that make our culture even better. For us, it means a culture that promotes the very best ideas and decisions through autonomy, collaboration, and diversity. We don't enable employees; instead, we focus on a culture that does not prevent individuals and teams from flourishing."

Jerrod Kuerth