Travel to close deals, not to open bank accounts

Get your own bank account details for USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, and HKD while making it easy and rewarding for every client to pay you on time.

Available in 200+ countries around the world.

Non-Resident accounts available for global movers and shakers

Smiling businessman in a blue suit exuding confidence and professionalism, embodying Bancoli's customer-focused approach The majestic Arc de Triomphe in Paris showcased in black and white, symbolizing the solidity and triumph of Bancoli's financial solutions Smiling businessman in a blue suit exuding confidence and professionalism, embodying Bancoli's customer-focused approach

Ideal if you are an expat or immigrant with a different citizenship than the country you live in or where your company is registered.

Make large global transfers with ease

Dealing with international payments is an undue burden, often plagued by long delays, cumbersome compliance checks, and bad exchange rates hurting businesses globally.

Bancoli is the only provider that can bridge payments in minutes between businesses across 200+ countries. Slow payments cost trillions of dollars in lost output every year. Work with your preferred vendors and suppliers and go faster at the speed of Bancoli.

Bancoli global business account

Bank globally with your own account details in USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, and SGD.

Bancoli global business account

Send and receive payments across multiple regions and currencies with ease and security.

Bancoli global business account

Benefit from competitive global FX rates and minimal fees on every transaction.

Bancoli global business account

Issue, schedule, and automate tasks with ease while streamlining your cash flow with the assistance of Bancoli AI.

Accelerate global cash flow with Bancoli AI

Leverage Bancoli AI to make challenging cash flow decisions with insightful suggestions.

Bancoli AI assists you in accelerating cash flow by helping you create enticing offers, automatically following up with your clients on due payments, and identifying the best options for early access to funds. Bancoli helps to eliminate the need for loans and expensive credit to scale your business.

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Bancoli AI

Discover the edge Bancoli gives you

working capital
  • Transparent


    Incoming transfers to your Bancoli account.

    Intermediaries may charge a fee.

  • Transparent


    Transfers between Bancoli accounts.

  • Transparent


    Outgoing transfers to local external accounts.

  • Transparent


    Exchange rates up to 10x lower than bank rates.

  • *See applicable plans.

How does Bancoli help?

Why choose a

Global Business Account?

Bancoli global business account

Streamline business expansion in new markets with banking details in 5 currencies and seamless payments in 25+ currencies to 200+ countries.


Speed up your global payments with quick fund delivery and competitive rates. Reduce the amount of costly international wire transfers.

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Backed, up to $125M per account holder

Protect your business assets with our industry-leading funds backing up to US$125 million per account holder.

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