A Bancoli Global Business Account is a banking solution that allows you to manage your business assets in multiple currencies, pay international contractors and suppliers, and make international payments at preferential rates, among other services and benefits.

If you do business internationally, you’ve probably experienced the classic pitfalls of business accounts, such as:

  • Complex account opening process with unpleasant surprises along the way.
  • High fees and commissions that don’t make it profitable to expand your business overseas.
  • Minimal or delayed cash flow that leads to supply chain disruptions and even credit applications.

In this article, we’ll explain what a Global Business Account is, its advantages—and how your business can benefit from opening an account with Bancoli.

What is a Global Business Account?

The way business is done has changed  to provide solutions for the current banking needs of companies with international business operations.

A Bancoli Global Business Account is a bank account that allows you to hold, receive, and manage international transactions in multiple currencies, all in one place.

The key services a GBA provides are:  

  • Access to attractive currencies.
  • Receiving and making payments in foreign currencies.
  • Currency exchange rates.
  • Internationally competitive fees.
Definition of Global Business Account

Who is a Bancoli Global Business Account for?

• A Bancoli Global Business Account (GBA) is easy to open remotely, eliminating the need to travel to each country whose currency interests your business.

• It’s an ideal solution for freelancers and global businesses, from SMEs to corporations, with international operations and capabilities that require making or receiving cross-border payments in sectors such as digital services, manufacturing, retail, and commodities.

Some businesses that frequently benefit from having a Bancoli GBA include e-commerce businesses, freelancers, digital nomads, independent business owners, agencies, and companies with international business partners.

Why multiple currencies in one bank account?

The Bancoli Global Business Account is an excellent solution if you are expanding your business into new markets, opening a branch in another country, or even buying equipment overseas. Access to multiple currencies can also help you reduce transaction costs and make payments more manageable.

In addition, you can make deposits and withdrawals to and from the same account without needing multiple accounts or bank transfers between them.

Bancoli pattern

Bancoli Global Business Account

The Bancoli GBA is available to all registered Bancoli users upon completion of the business verification process. As a multi-currency account, it offers a wide range of services to its clients, including:

  • International banking with currency accounts with local details for USD, MXN, EUR, GBP, HKD, and SGD.
  • Streamlined business-to-business payments in more than 200 countries and with more than 10 currencies.
  • Send and receive payments between Bancoli accounts, taking advantage of instant global transactions.
  • The best international rates with fewer transaction fees than any other solution on the market.
  • Unlimited global transactions, no minimum balance requirement, and Bancoli Reward Points (BRP) to waive fees.
  • Four membership plans designed to boost your company globally: Enjoy the free Starter plan with no monthly fees and explore 3 additional premium options.

Bancoli data for informed decisions

We all know how important data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is for business. Learn about Bancoli’s rates and start growing your business globally:

Table with Bancoli's Rates for international payments
Rates in USD. Visit bancoli.com/pricing for more details. *Intermediaries may charge a fee. *For FX rates: See in-app today’s rates on your desired currency pairs.

Advantages of having a Global Business Account with Bancoli

Bancoli is the most convenient international payment platform to scale your business and send money globally. Moreover, with a GBA, businesses benefit from:

Infographic explaining 7 advantages of having a Bancoli GBA.

• 24/7 Access

Access your funds in multiple currencies and manage all your financial and business needs remotely from one location.

• + Convenience

A GBA is invaluable if you’re a business owner traveling frequently or your company has customers in different countries.

• Easy Global Payments

Simplify cross-border transactions, save on fees, and benefit from competitive global FX rates.

• Go International

Increase your business’s visibility and availability internationally with a GBA and minimize the risk of loss in your industry.

• Diversify Investments

Access global and major currencies and markets to mitigate currency risk and safeguard your portfolio against market instability.

• Accelerate Cash Flow

Issue, schedule, and automate invoices and payment reminders with its cash flow acceleration features and leverage Bancoli AI to make informed cash flow decisions.

• Protect Assets

Keep your business assets protected with Bancoli’s industry-leading 1:1 funds backing, utilizing short-term U.S. Government Bonds for up to US$125 million per account holder.

Bancoli ad explaining that with a GBA you can travel to close deals, not to open bank accounts

Bancoli: Redefining B2B Global Payments

To sum up, With a Bancoli Global Business Account, you can have:

Bancoli is a business partner that supports your business. Open your Global Business Account online and experience the difference an all-in-one B2B platform can bring to your business worldwide.