Get the safest bank account in the world

With your new Bancoli Vault account issued in your name, you can directly accept USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, or HKD and make payments in 28 currencies at market-leading conversion rates.

Available in 200+ countries around the world.

Unmatched fund security

USD stored in your Bancoli Vault is backed up to USD 125M per account holder. That is a safety level 500x higher than normal U.S. bank accounts and more than 1000x higher than European bank accounts.

Top banking jurisdiction for your transfers

Get account details issued in your personal or company name from DBS, one of the world's largest and safest banks.

Make payments globally in 28 currencies.

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Use Global SWIFT wires and local Singapore payments

Benefit from payment rails that you can use globally. Connect to the world with your new Bancoli Global Business Account.

Non-Resident accounts available for global movers and shakers

Ideal if you are an expat or immigrant with a different citizenship than the country you live in or where your company is registered.

How does Bancoli help?

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