The capacity for online financial transactions, particularly the seamless transfer of money to a bank account, is essential.

Bancoli offers a streamlined process for transferring money between Bancoli accounts or external bank accounts.

This guide explores the steps to transfer funds and how Bancoli facilitates bank to bank transfer processes for both local transactions and to send money abroad.

Why choose Bancoli for international transfers?

The growing trend of online banking and wire transfers is reshaping how we move money locally and globally.

Digital processes have revolutionized the way people and businesses transfer money, bank or currency to another, making financial operations faster and more accessible.

For those requiring immediate fund availability, Bancoli’s instant account-to-account transfers offer a significant advantage, especially in urgent or time-sensitive scenarios.

Understanding the cost implications in an international bank transfer is key. While local payments are generally free, international wire transfers usually range between US $10 and $35, but in some cases can cost up to US $70 or even $100. Therefore, if you’re doing more than one money transfer to a foreign currency, a cost-effective solution becomes a need.

Bancoli’s commitment to efficiency extends to its exchange rates and fees structure, making every money transfer, including domestic and cross-border transfers, highly convenient.

Step-by-step guide to get started with Bancoli

Sending money efficiently from your Bancoli account is a streamlined and user-friendly process. Here’s a detailed guide to get you started:

1. Access or create your Global Business Account

Begin to transfer money and receive payments with Bancoli by registering and applying for your Global Business Account using your email address. If you already have an account login to go to your dashboard and go to point 3.

Bancoli green sign up button

This new account is an integrated suite of financial and cash flow tools designed to enhance your financial management experience.

Setting up this account marks your entry into a world of global financial opportunities, where managing money across borders becomes as simple as a few clicks.

2. Completing the verification process, your online application

The next crucial step involves completing Bancoli’s verification process as part of your online bank account application.

By completing this process and receiving approval, you will gain immediate access to your USD bank account.

Remember, your USD funds allocated in Bancoli are secured with Bancoli USD Custody. This business bank account is a vital component of the Global Business Account system.

The verification step is about more than just compliance; it’s also about unlocking the full potential of your Bancoli account.

3. Activating currency accounts in Bancoli

Bancoli’s Global Business Account (GBA) offers a distinctive feature of activating multiple currency accounts.

This distinctive feature provides enhanced control and flexibility in your financial operations.

With just a few clicks, you can add one or more sub-accounts in key currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, HKD, and MXN.

A laptop screen displayed with Bancoli's dashboard.

The possibility of having multiple currency bank accounts is especially beneficial for managing different aspects of your business finances separately within the same currency.

For instance, you could have multiple USD accounts dedicated to specific purposes like operational expenses or incoming payments from distinct clients or regions.

What you need to make an international wire transfer

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When preparing for an international wire transfer with Bancoli, ensure you have the following information ready:

  • Recipient details: Full name, mailing address, and professional or business email address.
  • Recipient’s Bank: The name of the bank, the country, and the city where it is located.
  • Bank Details: The IBAN Code and SWIFT/BIC Code of the recipient’s bank account, also known as routing number.
  • Transaction Amount: Be aware of the transfer limits imposed by each banking institution involved.

Be mindful of your recipient’s banking details like the account’s routing number when you transfer funds to avoid potential errors.

Let’s delve into some frequently asked questions related to the information needed to transfer money to a bank account.

What recipient details do I need to collect for an international wire transfer?

For a successful international wire transfer with Bancoli, begin by collecting your recipient’s details.

This should include their full name, address, and professional or business email address, as well as their account and routing number.

To make a bank transfer in Bancoli you will need to use the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes.

How do IBAN and SWIFT/BIC participate in international wire transfers?

IBAN code components

For international wire transfers, understanding and using IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and SWIFT/BIC codes is crucial.

Learn more about IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes here.

The IBAN is a standardized number that uniquely identifies an individual bank account in cross-border transactions. It includes a country code, bank identifier, and the account number.

Swift code components

The SWIFT/BIC code is a unique code used by banks to process international transactions. It identifies the financial institution and branch, ensuring that your money reaches the correct bank account.

Using both IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes helps in achieving accuracy and efficiency in international money transfers.

Together, they enhance the accuracy and security of cross-border transactions, making platforms like Bancoli reliable for managing diverse financial activities worldwide.

What should I know about transactional limits?

Be informed about the transaction amount and any bank transfer limits that might be imposed by the banking institutions involved. These limits can vary and being aware of them is important to avoid any issues during the transaction process.

Don’t worry, if you use Bancoli to transfer money, your account is designed to grow to an enterprise level.

How does Bancoli optimize international transaction fees and exchange rates?

Bancoli’s platform is designed to optimize your international transactions with competitive exchange rates and fees. The system enables instant payments between Bancoli accounts and efficient international wire transfers.

Bancoli's rates along with a blue and white graphic pattern

These exchange rates and fees help businesses of all sizes to make international transfers without paying more money.

Secure and versatile money transfers with Bancoli

At Bancoli, we prioritize the security of every transaction, whether it involves sending money between different banks to another or managing financial activities within the same bank.

Our platform ensures that every time you transfer money from Bancoli to a bank account, the process is protected with military-grade encryption and bolstered by multi-factor account security.

This advanced protection is crucial not only for safeguarding your funds but also for maintaining the integrity of every transaction.

How does Bancoli secure bank transfers?

At Bancoli, your security is the priority.

Every time you transfer money from Bancoli to a bank account, rest assured that your transaction is fortified with military-grade encryption and reinforced by multi-factor account security.

These robust security measures are not only crucial for protecting your funds but also play a significant role in preserving the accuracy of each transaction.

When transferring funds from Bancoli to a recipient’s account, whether moving money between different banks or within the same bank, our system employs stringent security protocols.

What makes Bancoli’s funds protection to be unmatched?

Bancoli’s USD Custody solution stands out in the financial industry, offering an unmatched level of fund security. With a 1:1 funds backing system, we provide complete assurance for every dollar allocated in Bancoli’s USD Custody.

This means that for every dollar deposited, there is an equivalent in short-term U.S. government obligations. This innovative approach not only guarantees maximum safety and reliability for your funds but also ensures a coverage limit of 125 million US dollars per account holder. 

Compared to the traditional FDIC-insured coverage offered by most U.S. banks, which is capped at USD 250,000 per account, Bancoli’s coverage is exponentially higher, offering 500 times the protection. In addition, European banks generally offer coverage of around EUR 100,000 per account.

Bancoli’s unparalleled financial assurance, combined with unrestricted access to your funds, positions us as a leading choice for businesses and individuals prioritizing fund security.

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Accuracy and Efficiency: Two crucial elements in bank transfers

To enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your money transfers, Bancoli integrates banking details such as the recipient’s account number and the bank’s routing number into the transfer process.

This attention to detail ensures a seamless and error-free transfer of funds, whether you’re looking to transfer money from one bank to another or manage domestic and international transactions.

Additional benefits of Bancoli’s financial services

Beyond the unmatched security and maximized efficiency, Bancoli provides additional benefits and solutions to support your business’s financial needs.

This includes generating yield and accelerating cash flow on every USD invoice issued, as well as a comprehensive verification process for bank-level supplier verification.

Our accelerated cash flow feature streamlines global B2B payments, offering a complete suite of solutions for modern businesses.

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Get started with Bancoli for global money transfers

Whether you need ways to transfer money to a bank account, make a wire transfer or manage international payments, Bancoli has you covered.

Access your account to experience the convenience of managing over 10 currencies in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Our platform is not only straightforward for money transfers but also ensures top-tier security for every bank transfer.

Transferring money from Bancoli to a bank account is straightforward and secure. For more detailed instructions or specific queries, log in to your Bancoli account or register to obtain one.