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1:1 Funds Backing: A Professional Level of Security for Your Financial Assets

1:1 Funds Backing - The Ultimate Safety Net for Your Business Funds

In a world where financial risks are always latent, it is important to discuss funds backing. In light of the recent news regarding the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, business owners are looking for a safe and reliable place to store their company’s finances.

If you are still uncertain about why Bancoli is a better choice than other commercial banks, this article will examine the distinctive features of Bancoli that differentiate it from other financial institutions.

What is the safest way to protect your money in a bank?

In today’s dynamic economic environment, where financial risks are always latent, having a safety net for your finances is crucial to protect against unforeseen circumstances. One of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of your funds is through 1:1 funds backing. This technique involves keeping your money in a bank account that is backed by an equal amount of assets. This means that if the bank were to go bankrupt or experience financial difficulties, your money would still be safe.

1:1 Funds Backing, a definition

1:1 funds backing for Bancoli USD Custody

Bancoli offers a 1:1 backing system for Bancoli USD Custody. This means that for every dollar deposited, you receive one dollar of short-term obligations from the U.S. government. This backing is unique on the market. It guarantees maximum security and reliability of the funds, with a limit of USD 125 million per account holder. Thus, the U.S. Government Notes provide security to the funds.

Compared to other banks in the United States that offer Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)-insured coverage of only up to $250,000 per account, Bancoli offers much higher coverage of 500 times, making it one of the safest options to keep your funds secure. In addition, banks in the European Union offer coverage of approximately €100,000 per account, while banks in other areas of the world typically offer lower coverage than those in the United States or the European Union.

Moreover, Bancoli not only offers 1:1 backing, but also allows you to have unrestricted access to your funds with no lockups. This means that there are no lengthy transfer or withdrawal processes or penalties to worry about when you want to access your funds. Also, Bancoli does not lend its customers’ funds, ensuring that your funds remain safe and under your control.

More benefits, more solutions

Additionally, with Bancoli your business can generate yield and accelerate cash flow in every invoice issued in USD. Also, a Bancoli account offers a verification process that allows you to perform a bank-level verification of your suppliers and their businesses; a cash flow feature to streamline global B2B payments, among other solutions.

Bancoli’s commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of funds is critical to strengthening the global financial system and providing businesses with the security they need to focus on expansion and economic growth. Bancoli USD Custody backs your funds while allowing unrestricted access, making it a suitable option for companies doing business across borders.

List of benefits of Bancoli USD 1:1 Funds Backing

Your funds are safer with Bancoli

In conclusion, 1:1 funds backing is the ultimate safety net for your finances, providing the security of funds that is essential in today’s world. So if you’re looking to protect your money and ensure your financial stability, consider choosing a bank that offers this service.

Bancoli is a safe option for storing your funds because the U.S. government guarantees up to $125 million per account holder. In addition, there are no restrictions on access to your funds and they are never lent. This unique blend of features makes Bancoli USD Custody a reliable and secure place to store your business funds, making it the perfect choice for businesses seeking optimal fund security and trustworthiness.

Bancoli USD Custody is a part of the Bancoli Global  Business Account. GBA is a smart account for global businesses seeking to simplify their B2B payments.

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